You acquire a high-quality, German-made product when you purchase an i:SY. Consequently, when you purchase an i:SY e-bike in the EU, we provide you with a manufacturer's warranty as follows:

1.1 i:SY Plus Plus warranty (valid from the date on the purchase receipt for all new i:SY bikes from model year 2022, fully assembled by an i:SY specialist dealer or, in the case of online sales, a pre-assembled complete bike for fine adjustment by the customer)

  • 5 years for broken frame
  • 2 years for components and electronics
  • 2 years for battery (residual capacity of at least 60% after 2 years or 500 complete charging cycles, whichever is reached first; when battery is operated and charged as per operating instructions)

2. You can make warranty claims at your authorised i:SY specialist dealer's immediately when a defect arises on presenting the purchase receipt or other meaningful proof of purchase.

3. Before a warranty claim is accepted, we will check the existence of a valid claim help from one of our authorised i:SY specialist dealers. This takes a maximum of 20 working days. You are obliged to provide the i:SY specialist dealer with the e-bike for this purpose.

4. We will choose whether to provide a remedy either by repairing the faulty part or supplying a replacement. Replaced parts become our legal property.

5. Our warranty does not apply if you have not complied with the maintenance intervals that we specified in the operating instructions or if maintenance has been carried out incorrectly. As a general rule, we only assume proper maintenance if an authorised i:SY specialist dealer has performed the maintenance. Warranty claims are also excluded in the following cases:

5.1 There is no entitlement to a warranty service in the case of purely minor deviations from the warranted condition which are insignificant for our i:SY e-bikes' usability. There is also no entitlement in the case of damage due to normal wear and tear (e.g. scratches on the frame) or for wear parts.

5.2 Warranty claims are invalid if the defect is due to improper use of our i:SY, e.g. overloading or the inadequate/lack of maintenance.

5.3 We do not provide a warranty for damages caused due to repairs, conversions, modifications or other interventions which have not been carried out by an authorised i:SY specialist dealer.

5.4 The warranty does not cover accidental damage or damage due to fire, frost or the demonstrable influence of a third party (e.g. vandalism).

6. Provision of warranty service does not cause an extension of the warranty period nor does it not trigger a new warranty period. The warranty period for replacement parts ends with the warranty period for the original i:SY e-bike.

7. Claims arising from this contract shall not affect the seller's obligation to provide a warranty. We hope you enjoy your i:SY! Our authorised i:SY specialist dealers and your i:SY team will be pleased to assist you if you have any questions on our warranty services.

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