What you need to do is test-ride bikes as many times as it takes! 
This is the only way to find out which i:SY is the perfect match for your preferences and requirements

First things first: it's important to point out that the basic components are identical on all i:SY models. The difference lies in the various motors, gear shifts and drives (chain or toothed belt).


XXL is synonymous with even greater load and even more flexibility. The i:SY XXL models offer excellent ride comfort on any terrain with a load capacity of up to 180 kg total weight. They are eminently suitable for tall people up to 2.10 m. But the best thing about our i:SY XXL models is that with an extra overall length of just 45 mm more than our i:SY Compact models, they have extremely modest storage requirements and are ultra-practical to stow.

The outstanding ride comfort of our i:SY XXL models also make them an interesting option for riders who are shorter than 2.10 m with slightly more body weight (120-150 kg). It's always worth taking a test ride.

For maximum ride comfort, some components should be adjusted for riders shorter than 1.85 m. This includes a shorter stem and handlebars with a greater curve. These components are already incorporated into the XXL COMFORT model. Incidentally, all XXL models are fitted with our front carrier as standard.


The XXL E5 model series impresses sporty commuters in mainly urban areas with a 5-speed SHIMANO hub gear containing a toothed-belt drive, all developed especially for e-bikes. This series contains the BOSCH Performance Line motor. The XXL E5 ZR F CX model is equipped with the most powerful motor by BOSCH: the Performance Line CX. 

Our COMFORT models come with features that ensure an even more enjoyable ride. Most importantly, these include the contact point of handles and saddle. The shorter, adjustable angle stem and handlebars curved further backwards provide an even more upright seating posture. The ZECURE saddle in the XL version and suspension seat post from by,schulz offer maximum comfort. The 65-mm SCHWALBE Pick-Up Defense tyres offer a wider, cushioned contact surface with excellent rolling characteristics. 

i:SY XXL N3.8

The XXL N3.8 ZR models are equipped with the continuously variable ENVIOLO 3.8 hub and a low-maintenance toothed belt drive. This combination makes the i:SY XXL N3.8 ZR an all-inclusive model that ticks every box. Featuring the dynamic BOSCH Performance Line motor, it is optimally equipped for use on flat or hilly terrain by frequent riders and pleasure cyclists alike. 

The XXL N3.8 ZR F CX COMFORT model is fitted with the most powerful BOSCH motor – the Performance Line CX. The COMFORT model is distinguished by a by,schulz suspension seat post and handlebars with a greater offset, a shorter stem and a larger saddle. For all riders who appreciate special comfort. 

i:SY XXL P12



Our new i:SY XXL P12 models are equipped with the revolutionary Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) by PINION – a unit that skilfully unites gear shift and motor. It not only fits perfectly into our new frame shape, but also gets you wherever you want to go in a breeze. With a transmission range of 600 percent and 85 Nm assistance, it packs a real punch. The highlight of the new frame shape is the integrated quick release! 
Thanks to its closed system, the MGU is extremely low-maintenance and practically wear-free – making it unbelievably durable. Gear shift and motor are optimally coordinated for a harmonious riding experience. Gears can also be shifted under load, which is particularly practical during unexpected climbs. With 800 Wh, the Compact Core battery by FIT guarantees maximum range, making no distance too far.  


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