In the i:SY, the frame structure is basically designed so that you as a rider sit somewhat further back to the rear (flat seat angle). This shifts the load at the saddle, pedal and handlebar contact points more towards the saddle. The flow of power to the pedals is thus also applied more effectively from the rear, which is significantly better and more efficient in an upright sitting position. It also noticeably reduces impact on the hands on the handlebars. This effect varies depending on the individual setting on the SpeedLifter. The i:SY thus fulfils the basic requirement for a comfortable sitting posture and rapid propulsion from an ergonomic perspective. Let's take a look at its geometry and riding dynamics. The crucial thing here is that you feel completely safe on your i:SY and, what's more, in every feasible ride situation, no matter if you're in the city, on a short or long tour or on a cycling trip. A torsion-resistant frame forms the base structure but it will only feel perfect during the ride if the geometry is perfect. The key influencing factors are the seat angle, the steering angle, the upper and lower tube lengths and the wheelbase. However, the fork's design also plays a very essential role. If everything truly fits together, the result is magnificent and just perfect i:SY riding fun!


The new i:SY System Pannier Rack (MonkeyLoad-ready) is suitable for carrying children. With a permitted weight of 27 kg, a child seat can easily be fitted to the pannier rack. We recommend the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat.


A suspension seat post is a perfect complement and a true gain in comfort (recommended: BySchulz Parallelogramm).

Perfect air pressure makes the difference (less is more)

• Move the saddle forward on the i:SY if the distance to the handlebars feels too great. Always pull the handlebars back, e.g. with a shorter stem or strongly curved handlebars. Adjustment can be made in exceptional cases, such as knee problems or similar.

Try out to find the seat height which feels right for you (has an effect on all points of contact)

Adjust Ergon grips (featured as standard) to the most suitable position for you

You can vary the sitting position between a sporty posture or very upright by adjusting the height of the SpeedLifter. Try it out and feel free to change position while out on a ride.


Speed pedelecs provide motor assistance up to 45 km/h

• Insurance is compulsory and a licence plate is required

You must wear a suitable special cycling helmet

You may only ride on roads and not in bike lanes or on bike paths

Other countries, different customs. Other laws may apply when you ride your Speed in another country. Your specialist dealer will be glad to advise you


Increasingly more German federal states, cities and municipalities are subsidising purchases of electric cargo bikes. It's not only worth for trade firms, retailers and industrial companies to apply; private households can also benefit from a climate-friendly transport subsidy.


In practice, too little importance is often given to optimum air pressure. People often think "more is better" and blow tyres up quickly without giving it much thought. More's the pity, because that's how they lose a great deal of ride comfort. The maximum air pressure for the SCHWALBE PickUp tyre that we use is 4.5 bar. That's is a lot for a wide tyre but it also indicates the high quality of the carcass. But how much pressure does the tyre really need and what effect does it have?
The aim is to achieve smooth rolling performance and optimum ride comfort. But let's look at the sitting position on the i:SY and the consequent weight distribution first. Most i:SY riders sit in a largely upright or very upright position, thus reducing load on the front wheel. As a result, there is no need for high pressure. We take a minimum pressure of 2.0 bar as a guide. Depending on the weight of the rider, we recommend an air pressure of 2.0 to 2.5 bar in the front wheel. No more!
An upright sitting position logically places more strain on the rear wheel. Even so, we recommend just 2.2 to 3.0 bar air pressure for a rear i:SY wheel, depending on the rider's body weight. The tyre can thus absorb and cushion bumps and shocks effectively, but still turns very easily. Moreover, the tyre's design makes it extremely stable and puncture-proof.

CONCLUSION: perfect air pressure makes the difference. Less is clearly more here! Try out to see what air pressure is right for you. But do remember that air pressure also needs to be checked. Permeation means that even intact tubes lose air, so please check the air pressure regularly (every 2 weeks). We use Schrader valves, so you can check pressure at a filling station.


If you wish to take a pet with you on your bike, we strongly recommend our specially designed dog front carrier with the BASIL Buddy pet basket. The basket won't obstruct steering as it is attached to the head tube – safe riding is guaranteed thanks to the low centre of gravity. The basket simply clicks into the carrier with no tools required. If you wish, you can also remove the Buddy from your i:SY and use the handle to carry your pet. Guaranteed riding fun for you and your four-legged friend!


A battery's range depends on many factors, so it can vary, even between partners and with identical vehicle models. A number of parameters need to be taken into account to determine the range as precisely as possible.


The i:SY has a low, central centre of gravity. This ensures an extremely safe ride, even with more baggage and at higher speeds if you wish. If you are planning longer tours or bike trips, you should still attach the i:SY LowRider to the fork (or have it attached) due to the better weight distribution. Distributing 2/3 weight in the rear and 1/3 in the front has proven to be the most favourable. Pack heavy items towards the bottom of panniers!


The new i:SY System Pannier Rack (MonkeyLoad-ready) is suitable for carrying children. With a permitted weight of 27 kg, a child seat can easily be fitted to the pannier rack. We recommend the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat.

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