Our i:SY P12 is fitted with the revolutionary Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) by PINION, which skilfully unites gear shift and motor. The closed unit not only fits perfectly into our new i:SY frame, but also gets you wherever you want to go in a breeze. A true powerhouse – flawless!

There has never been anything like it before – a transmission range of 600 percent and 85 Nm assistance! The range of the Motor.Gearbox.Unitis far broader than any other standard hub gear, which usually covers a range between 263 and up to 525 percent. Besides the powerful torque of 85 Nm respectively up to 160 Nm in the first gear at the drive shaft a maximum support of up to 400 percent is provided. This very support describes the factor by which the power applied to the pedal is enhanced. 

Thanks to the closed system the MGU is extremely low-maintenance and virtually wear-free. Gear shift and motor are also optimally aligned. The motor adjusts its speed to the selected gear and pedalling frequency for a harmonious riding experience. Another advantage of the MGU is that gears can even be shifted under load, which is particularly practical during unexpected climbs. The semi-automatic Start.Select and Pre.Select mode offer further special options, such as setting a desired gear for starting off (Start.Select). After setting a desired cadence, gears are adjusted to the current speed in Pre.Select mode. This takes effect when rolling downhill and prevents uncomfortable coasting.

The compact motor-and-gear unit not only impresses with its cutting-edge technology, but also its lightweight design. It fits perfectly into the i:SY frame and highlights the midway centre of gravity. There's no better union. But it's not only the MGU by PINION that perfectly harmonises with our new frame shape – the quick release is now integrated into it, too. Saddle height adjustment is simple and fast, without the need for any tools.


The MGU is enhanced by FIT components. Thanks to the cutting-edge, specially coordinated FIT e-bike system, drive, gear shift and control work together in perfect harmony! 

The control unit, the Compact Core (battery) and the display including software are from FIT. They are operated using the remote on the handlebars. The motor assistance is controlled on the left and the gears are selected on the right. The slim, large Comfort display ensures a clear overview at all times, regardless of lighting conditions. With 800 Wh, the FIT Compact Core battery guarantees maximum range, making no distance too far and no climb too steep. Together with the PINION MGU, this creates a comprehensive, durable and practically maintenance-free drive system that leaves you free to enjoy the ride.



  • Innovative and powerful motor with 12 integrated gears
  • Over 10,000 km maintenance-free 
  • No exposed shifting components – motor and gear shift are neatly integrated into the e-bike
  • Individual motor settings for the MGU in the FIT E-Bike Control app

FIT Comfort display

  • 3.5-inch high-resolution colour display 
  • Comprehensive menu: Performance displays for speed, charge status,
    trip data, calorie consumption, pedalling frequency, temperature, incline and slope display
  • Good readability both day and night and in direct sunlight 
  • Scratch-resistant, anti-reflective glass 
  • Incl. securing screw

FIT Compact Core

  • 800 Wh power capacity
  • The long life mode charges the battery to a maximum of 80% and extends the life cycle
  • Latest cell technology installed
  • Storage mode for energy saving when storing the battery

FIT Remote Basic 

  • Ergonomic, elegant design
  • Buttons with LED backlight and vibration feedback for optimal safety 
  • Push assist up to 6 km/h 

FIT Standard Charger 

  • 48 V system voltage | 3 Ah charging power 
  • Regulates the charging current regardless of cell status in order to protect them from overheating and damage 
  • Software update possible to 4.8 Ah for more charging capacity 
  • Monitors the battery status during charging and increases safety

FIT E-Bike Control App

  • E-Bike Garage: All information on the e-bike and its components
  • Geo range: Range forecast for the various levels of assistance
  • Tour planning: Practical map navigation or integration of Komoot, access to planned and completed tours, navigation directly in the app or turn-by-turn on the display, detailed view of Komoot routes in the FIT app
  • Find my e-bike: Location identification with last connection to app
  • Weather forecast

More information on the FIT system and components: https://fit-ebike.com/


Technical details

Specifications for MGU. MGU Speed (S) and MGU Cargo (C)

Drive type

Motor.Gear.Box Unit (MGU)

Model versions

MGU E1.12 | E1.12 Speed | E1.12 Cargo


12 speeds integrated

Assistance modes


MGU nominal voltage

48 V

Max. support speed

25 km/h | 45 km/h


85 Nm

Material motor cover

Magnesium die cast

MGU maintenance interval

10.000 km

Transmission range


MGU weight

4,1 kg



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