"But someone told me that 20 inch bikes..."

Forget what anyone says. i:SY riders know exactly what the intention is: riding an i:SY is sheer riding pleasure and simply incomparable. If you haven't experienced it for yourself, you cannot afford to judge.


One size - one frame height for (virtually) everyone. Is that actually possible?

With i:SY it is! The i:SY has a single-size frame. The perfectly conceived frame geometry makes it possible. The frame is adjustable in length when people between 150 and 190 cm tall sit on it.

Won't I need to pedal more with the small wheels?

No. The gear ratio is adapted to smaller wheels.

Isn't riding with small wheels a little unsafe?

No. The opposite is the case on the i:SY: thanks to the low centre of gravity, the i:SY can be handled extremely safely in difficult situations and on poor surfaces such as woodland tracks, gravel paths, sandy paths and cobblestones. And even high speeds, when riding downhill, for example, present no problem for the i:SY.

Don't wide tyres make it more difficult to ride?

No. Simply put, wider tyres with a short contact surface rotate more easily than narrow tyres with a long contact surface. However, we use the balloon tyre principle at i:SY, minimising the air pressure to such an extent that, on the one hand, the rolling properties don't really deteriorate, but, on the other, we make purposeful use of the great ride comfort provided by the air suspension. We thus recommend using a tyre pressure of 2.0 to 2.5 bar on the front and 2.2 to 3.0 bar on the rear, depending on the user's weight. It is recommended to check and adjust the air pressure every four weeks as a minimum.

Can I ride long distances on the i:SY?

Yes, of course, you can also ride long distances on the i:SY. The sitting position is comfortable and the flow of power is excellent thanks to the flat seat angle. For this reason, you can also use the i:SY for both longer tours and cycling trips.

Can I also attach panniers or will my heel bump against them?

The i:SY has the wheelbase of a normal 28 inch wheel and the rear frame is also suitably long. You can thus easily attach large bags, such as the i:SY panniers or Ortlieb panniers. They are also far enough above the ground.

Why can't the i:SY frame be folded down?

We at i:SY have consciously decided against a folding mechanism in the main frame. First of all, it weakens the structure in terms of stiffness and, secondly, a folded vehicle is considerably more difficult to handle. The weight is the same, but it can no longer be rolled along. You need to be very strong or a second person to stow it away whereas you can simply wheel an i:SY into many cars.

Why do we use the Bosch mid-drive motor on the i:SY?

We think Bosch motors are an excellent choice, even for the long term. It's a long-established German company and has an excellent organisational structure.

Manufacturers and dealers receive training on a regular basis and are provided with perfect support. Every i:SY dealer can install the latest motor updates and the Bosch diagnostic software provides information about the entire system's functions during every inspection. Moreover, the Bosch system is very widely used and virtually every pedelec dealer in Europe is familiar with it.

How far can you travel with a single battery charge?

As you might expect, this depends on a whole host of factors, starting with the rider's weight, the chosen level of assistance and, obviously, especially the selected trip distance. It makes an enormous difference whether the route is on flat or mountainous terrain. Wind is also a factor.
Tip: Use the power gauge and also the gear shift recommendations on the display. You'll increase your range as a result. And use the Reset button to reset the possible range displayed before each daily tour. It makes for carefree rides.

How long does the battery actually last?

Bosch batteries are of very high quality. That's something you'll notice right from the outset. Low weight, high-quality cells, no self-discharge, fast charging times and a long service life. Assuming normal usage, a rechargeable battery is expected to perform well for a period of five years. After that, it is still a good secondary battery.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

The charger recharges the battery with up to 4 amps. This makes the charging process really fast. Recharging a virtually empty battery takes about 4 hours for a 400 Wh battery, about 5 hours for a 500 Wh one and 5.5 hours for a 545 Wh one. You can partially recharge at any time. It won't damage the battery.

TIP: Always take the charger with you on longer day trips. It's worth charging the battery a little when you stop for lunch or a long coffee break.

Can I charge the battery directly on the i:SY?

Yes, there is a socket on the left-hand side as you face the direction of travel. You can connect the charger to this socket.

Can I check the battery's capacity?

Yes. Bosch can supply a test device that measures the battery's capacity and prints out a test report. Please ask your i:SY dealer if such a device is available.

Why does the range display show a much lower number of kilometres after a few tours?

The computer "remembers" your riding style and takes into account the distances you have ridden so far and the assistance you selected when calculating the range. Before each new tour, please reset the range with the reset button. The display will now show the maximum possible range again.

Why does the display show different remaining ranges for two identical bikes?

Different riders have different riding styles and consume different quantities of power. Simply reset the range now and again and the remaining ranges should match again.

Might the screws and brake discs on my i:SY rust?

Yes, they might if you don't provide adequate care. This is especially the case if you have been travelling with the vehicle on the coast and have come into contact with salt water or road salt in winter. All the attachment screws we use are made of V2A stainless steel. However, salt water is so aggressive that even stainless steel screws of this grade will rust. We recommend that you swill the vehicle with warm water and wash off the salt. The manufacturer uses steel in the brake discs, which are highly sensitive to salt. Brake discs can be cleaned with hot water or more effectively with brake disc cleaner. Wet parts are best dried with a cloth.

How much weight can the front carrier (LowRider) carry?

The LowRider is suitable for a maximum load of 4 kilogrammes per side. This is objectively much more than it might sound at first.

Can I use a different gear transmission with my i:SY toothed belt?

No. The belt sprockets and toothed belts are designed specifically for individual models.

Where can I test-ride an i:SY?

Go to our dealer search and enter your town or city. It will display all i:SY specialist dealers in your area. You might like to phone the i:SY specialist dealer concerned and check that the model you prefer is available for a test ride.

Is the i:SY suitable for carrying children?

The new pannier rack for model year 2022 onwards is approved for 27 kg and is now also suitable for carrying children.

Do you offer a kit to retrofit my i:SY with a suspension fork?

i:SY does not offer a retrofit kit for suspension forks. If you would like to ride an i:SY with a suspension fork we have two models - the i:SY S10 ADVENTURE and the i:SY E5 ADVENTURE - in our portfolio. 

Generally speaking a suspension fork can be retrofitted. But it is pretty complex. The alteration requires several new parts such as the suspension fork, a new front wheel, stem, handlebar, display holder as well as new brake lines and other parts. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer all these parts at a reasonable price.

How do I clean and care for the handles and saddle on the i:SY Jungle?

Clean with a damp microfibre cloth, a cotton cloth or a fine brush in combination with a special Alcantara cleaner. Clean attachment parts by applying gentle pressure and using circular movements. Dab them with a damp cloth to finish off. Attachment parts can also be waterproofed to provide better protection.

Who can I contact in the event of a warranty claim or if I have questions about my i:SY?

Your i:SY dealer is your direct local contact and will be happy to help you. If any defects arise or any warranty claims are made, we will maintain close contact and dialogue with your dealer. Needless to say, you can also contact another i:SY dealer, but this will incur additional costs. We therefore recommend that you purchase an i:SY near you.

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