Whether a swift commute to work in the morning or a quick bit of exercise in the evening, the i:SY SPEED XXL P12 is the perfect companion. It is fitted with the revolutionary Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) by PINION, which unites gear shift and motor. With a transmission range of 600 percent and 85 Nm assistance, it packs a real punch. There has never been anything like it before – extremely low-maintenance and virtually wear-free thanks to the closed system. Gear shift and motor are also optimally aligned for a harmonious riding experience. Another advantage of the MGU is that gears can even be shifted under load. With 800 Wh, the FIT Compact Core battery guarantees maximum range, making no distance too far and no climb too steep. Another highlight of the new frame is the integrated quick release with theft protection. 



The new i:SY SPEED has been incorporated into the XXL frame shape for the first time, which stands out thanks to its exceptional riding comfort. It can also be used by riders from 1.70 m to 2.10 m tall. For maximum ride comfort, some components should be adjusted for riders shorter than 1.85 m. This includes a shorter stem and handlebars with a greater curve. Important: Due to the higher speed, the total permitted weight is limited to 150 kg.


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