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Best Performance in XXL size - thanks to the SHIMANO 5-speed gear hub and BOSCH CX motor

The powerful i:SY XXL E5 ZR F CX impresses with the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor with 85 Nm as well as the SHIMANO 5-speed hub gear developed specifically for e-bikes. The new Bosch Smart System takes you into the digital e-bike world and networks the display, control panel and the motor with your smartphone via the ebike Flow app. Like all other i:SY models the XXL E5 ZR F CX also impresses model with cross-series fittings such as disc brakes. The i:SY XXL was primarily developed for tall cyclists (up to 210 cm). All parameters have been adjusted accordingly and thus designed to withstand a greater stress load. The total permitted weight is 180 kilograms. In addition to height adjustment, the SpeedLifter Twist also allows the handlebars to be turned 90 degrees with no need for any tools. The pedals can also be folded in with a single click, as with all i:SY models.
  • SHIMANO Nexus 5-speed gear hub with carefree GATES® CDX Centertrack belt drive
  • Best performance with the BOSCH Performance Line CX motor (85Nm)
  • Included - i:SY front carrier and frame lock, matching with battery lock



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