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Our i:SY Speed model R14 ZR: The evironment-friendly alternative to a car - i:SY feeling up to 45 km/h

Looking for an exciting alternative to a car? Want to ride faster on your way to work while becoming fitter? With the i:SY Speed R14 ZR you can take a sporty, stress-free ride as you commute sustainably along your daily routes thanks to motor assistance up to 45 km/h. Like all other i:SY models the Speed R14 ZR also impresses with cross-series fittings. In addition to height adjustment, the SpeedLifter Twist also allows the handlebars to be turned 90 degrees. The pedals can also be folded in with a single click.
  • Iconic frame shape with excellent riding characteristics
  • Powerful output with the Performance Line Speed (85 Nm)
  • ROHLOFF Speedhub E-14, electronic 14-speed high-performance bike gears impress with quality and high efficiency



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