Looking for an exciting alternative to a car? Want to ride faster on your way to work while becoming fitter? With our i:SY SPEED pedelecs you can take a sporty, stress-free ride as you commute sustainably along your daily routes thanks to motor assistance up to 45 km/h.

  • Insurance is compulsory and a licence plate is required
  • It is not permitted to carry children or animals on a pedelec
  • Structural modifications must not be made without TUV registration
  • You must wear a suitable special cycling helmet
  • You may only ride on roads and not in bike lanes or on bike paths
  • It is not permitted to park on the pavement
  • Other countries, different customs. Other laws may apply when you ride your Speed in another country. Your specialist dealer will be glad to advise you.

Information on the production of the SPEED pedelec models for model year 2023 

Dear i:SY customer,  

despite our efforts and talks with Bosch we are sorry to inform you that, contrarily to our planning, we will no be able to offer you an i:SY Speed pedelec with BOSCH Smart System.  

Due to legal regulations and technical obstacles, building the i:SY Speed pedelec models for this year is not possible.  

Unlike the 25 km/h pedelecs, the 45 km/h pedelecs must meet other criteria regarding the redundant speed measurement. Unfortunately, these criteria cannot be met in combination with the introduction of the BOSCH Smart System and the inherent features of the 20” frame.  

But you don’t have to do without your i:SY Speed pedelec. We will continue to build the i:SY Speed models from the model year 2022 for you.  


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