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You will find the right i:SY for you which meets your preferences and requirements.

First of all, you need to know that the basic components are identical in all i:SY models. The difference lies in the different Bosch motors, different gear shifts and drives (chain or toothed belt). Think about how you intend to use your i:SY before buying it: mainly for short rides, in the city, on tours or on cycling trips?

The differences between individual gear shifts primarily lies in the component's quality, operation and overall gear ratio. The Bosch motors used are matched to the gear shifts and provide different torques (moment of force). The higher the motor torque, the greater the force you can apply to the pedals. As a result, it's not just the overall gear ratio that determines whether the cyclist can ride up a hill. The motor has a highly crucial impact with its power in such cases. This is something you must take into account.

i:SY S8

Our S8 models are fitted with a SHIMANO Nexus 8-speed hub gear. The S8 RT features a back-pedal brake while the S8 F has a free-wheel. Fitted with the finely tuned Bosch Active Line Plus motor, the S8 F and S8 RT are perfectly equipped for everyday use. This model is supplied with a chain drive only.

i:SY E5

The E5 ZR model series impresses sporty commuters in mainly urban areas with a 5-speed SHIMANO hub gear containing a toothed-belt drive, all developed especially for e-bikes. It is fitted with the Bosch Performance Line motor. The electronic Di2 version allows the rider to switch gears using a button or ride in automatic mode. The Bosch Performance Line CX is used in this version.

i:SY N3.8

The N3.8 ZR models are equipped with the continuously variable Enviolo 3.8 hub and an easy-care toothed-belt drive. Featuring the dynamic Bosch Performance Line drive, they are optimally rigged for use on flat or hilly terrain by frequent riders and pleasure cyclists alike. The Comfort versions feature a BySchulz suspension seat post and handlebars with a greater offset, a shorter stem and a larger saddle.

i:SY R14

Our R14 ZR models are equipped with a ROHLOFF 14-speed electronic hub gear and an easy-care toothed belt drive. A button is used to switch gears manually. The powerful Bosch Performance Line CX drive is built into this model, the perfect companion on challenging varied terrain.



"All compact bikes are also available in XXL for taller people up to 210 cm or for smaller cyclists with a larger body size (up to 150 kg)."

Martin Kuhlmeier - i:SY founder & developer
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